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About Us

The Echelon Club was formed in 2005 with the intent of bringing together highly influential people from around the world who are interested in making a difference and creating a better future in the world today. Our goal is to make a positive impact on society through a platform for growth and change by harnessing the power of luxury and corporate brands as well as small businesses into positive financial leverage that increase visibility, value and reputation while enhancing customer perception and brand awareness by encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR"). We do this through education, fellowship and philanthropy in order to establish a sustainable and philosophical blueprint for future generations.

We provide our members with exclusive social settings as a backdrop for attracting passionate and influential people from around the world to create strategic alliances and lasting relationships with some of the world's most successful and extraordinary leaders representing multiple industries in multiple markets.

A combination of black tie gatherings or exclusive culinary dinners are held quarterly in a variety of luxurious locations with celebrated chefs and world-class entertainment. Dinner honorees may include political figures, celebrities, sports figures, book authors and respected business leaders. In addition, members are also invited to our annual conference on CSR stategies and developments held by leading experts in the field.

Echelon Club members also receive invitations to our annual partner events with Sir Richard Branson at the "Rock the Kasbah Ball" various Balls in NY and LA, Art Exhibitions by renowned artists and many more. Events are held primarily in the Southern California area with a separate chapter in Dallas, Texas. Members are privileged to participate in all events held in both chapters.

Application to The Echelon Club is by invitation only and membership is subject to board review. All members are hand picked by our representatives or sponsored by existing members and must meet specific requirements in order to gain admittance. See "Membership" for more details.

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