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The undersigned applicant hereby applies for membership with Echelon Inc, also known as The Echelon Club. The Echelon Club membership guarantees access to all Echelon events held in the state of California, otherwise posted on the website within the 12 month period of your membership. Echelon Membership begins at the first Echelon Event and ends on the same month and date the following year. The Echelon membership fee is $5,000 USD for the initial year and $2,500.00 USD there after for single persons and $10,000.00 USD for Corporate membership. Application to The Echelon Club is by invitation only (recommended by 2 existing members) and membership is subject to board review. Corporate members are allowed to invite one guest or client of their choice to any Echelon event, and will be featured as a preferred partner on our website and will be offered three months of complimentary advertising, targeting a select group of high-net-worth individuals. Invitations to select private parties and openings, such as: hotel openings, charity events, exhibitions etc, and special discounted rates for luxury services, are all considered as benefits to the club in which Echelon members may be invited guests. Please note: A number of Echelon events are all-inclusive. For selected events or charity events members and honorary members may be responsable for purchasing their own tickets, drinks, food, valet service etc. All personal information provided to us by our members and guests, will never be disclose to any third-party for marketing purposes.

All membership fees are non-transferable and are to be used by you and only you. If the club accepts my membership, I agree to abide by the terms and conditions / Codes of conduct, and By-Laws as posted on its website and modified from time to time. I understand my membership and any future renewal is subject to board approval by the club's membership committee. All benefits of membership are subject to change based upon agreements with the club's merchant and facility partners. Once my application is accepted by the club, membership fees become non-refundable in whole or part. Guest entry fees are non-refundable in whole or part. All guests of members and corporate sponsors are subject to board review.

The Echelon Club does not represent or guarantee that specific membership benefit(s) will be available throughout the entire membership term and the member agrees to hold harmless the club for any absence and loss of benefits. The current membership fee listed on the application may not be available next year to all members and future members, the club's fee may be subject to change once the membership list gets exhausted.

Each member will be responsible for reviewing the club's website each month for details on changes and new benefits. All memberships are by invitation only and it is expressly understood that completion of an application does not guarantee membership acceptance .

By applying for membership, you agree with the above conditions and theTerms and Conditions posted on this website.


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