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The Echelon Club is an extension of your team or organization to help further your charitable causes or your corporate philanthropic initiatives.

Application to The Echelon Club is by invitation-only and membership is subject to board review. We offer five types of annual memberships:

  • Individual Membership
  • Premiere Membership
  • Corporate Membership
  • Platinum Membership
  • Presidential Membership

Membership is exclusive to applicants who have demonstrated leadership within their industries and communities and corporations who practice good business ethics.
  • Top industry leaders (CEO's, Mid level to Senior Executives, Presidents, VP's and Founders of prestigious companies)
  • Entrepreneurs, investors and business owners
  • Private equity, hedge fund and other financial industry leaders
  • Celebrities, top entertainment figures, sports figures
  • Prominent artists, writers, book authors, etc.
  • Philanthropists and open minded and creative individuals who want to contribute back to society

Guest Privileges
Based on availability, "Individual Members" are occasionally permitted to invite one guest to any Echelon event for an additional donation entry fee. Each guest may attend a maximum of two events and after that; they are welcome to apply for full membership, pending on board approval. (Guests fees may vary per event).

In order to ensure the exclusivity of the club, all members will be required to refer at least one eligable member per year.

The Echelon Club will donate a percentage of the membership proceeds to help benefit a variety of Echelon campaigns and charitable programs listed on its site.

For an application please click here

For more detailed information and to receive your PDF booklet on membership, please email us at or call 800.971.7271

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