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August 2011

Dear Echelon members…

This year the Echelon Club's Adopt A Letter Christmas campaign has decided to team up with Didrick Medical’s "World Hand Foundation", launched after winning the 2009 Perfect Pitch Award judged by Sir Richard Branson, to help children in need. Not only are we going to continue our program answering the wishes of thousands of children in need located in some of the most impoverished areas of Los Angeles, we plan to deliver hope to children around the globe who are missing limbs.The program will provide prosthetic devices for those who lack insurance or financial resources! In the U.S., children under the age of five make up the largest group (outside the workplace) to lose fingers. The World Hand Foundation is able to purchase and fit fully functional prosthetic fingers at a price lower than any other foundation in the world, thereby enabling most children to be helped. We plan to travel from city to city and country to country this year helping as many children as we can by offering free prosthetic care this holiday season. Already, since the partnership was formed in August, children have already been writing letters to Santa asking for some help to be able to live a normal life. To lend a hand to their campaign please consider contacting the World Hand Foundation to make a tax deductable donation and share in this opportunity to help at:

Thank you for your help!



March 2011

Dear Echelon members…

On April 21st, 2011, The Echelon Club is pleased to announce the opening of it's new chapter in Dallas, Texas hosted by our newest board member, Dr. Raymund C. King. Baroness Kimberly Moore will be present at the event to give a brief introduction on the organization, it's members and the non-profit and programs we support. The event will be held at the beautiful Garza Mansion, which was written up in "Dallas Magazine" as one of the most prestigious homes in all of Dallas. The event will feature a surprise performance by Gary Levinson, of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and surprise performance by 9 year old virtuoso violinist Claire Wells.

Virgin America will be hosting special discounted flights between Los Angeles and Dallas. Please be sure to book your tickets in advance. More information and specific details of the event will be emailed to all members. Please contact us for a list of hotels nearby Highland Park area.

Dr. Raymund C. King was featured in Forbes Magazine's 2008 "Texas Legal Profiles," Fortune Magazine's 2007 "America's Premier Lawyers," and named a Texas SuperLawyer "Rising Star" in Healthcare Law... To learn more about Dr. Raymund C. King, more information can be found at:

Thank You!


March 2011

A message from Kimberly Moore…

As you know Sendai Japan experienced a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake on Friday March 11. 2011. By now thousands of people have been unaccounted for and my heart and prayers go out to the people and their families during this time of crisis.

For those of you who are deeply interested in helping out and making a difference. You may be asking yourself which organizations should you give to. Here are a few for now: Doctors without boarders, Save the Children, International Medical Corps, Red Cross, Global Giving. I will also organize a charity auction at our 4 Year Anniversary event for japan. Please check with us soon.


June/July 2010

Dear Echelon members…

For those of you who may be interested, TGL (Tranformative Global Learning) has just launched and will be hosting a great number of cultural and educational programs/experiences in a variety of countries across the globe. Their first program will take place this summer in Haiti and Dominican Republic for professionals from around the world focused on community engagement and environmental work in combination with Haitians and Dominicans participants.

The program is a great opportunity for those looking for a meaningful summer experience full of community service, forestation activities, team building and intercultural learning through a combination of workshops and panels in the areas of leadership, conflict resolution, culture and many others in Haiti and Dominican Republic. The program will take place from July 30th until August 8th. They are still looking for participants who want to make a difference and are accepting participants from any educational or professional background.

Please take few minutes to view their web page at:

The program locations are Santo Domingo, San Pedro de Macoris and Port Au Prince.

If you have any questions, feel free to email TGL directly at:

Many thanks!


Dear Echelon members…

Throughout the year, The Echelon Club has supported numerous global charities in the fight against AIDS, poverty and famine, but when I take stock of a very  successful year, I realize that our greatest accomplishment is to take care of those in need right here in our own community.

To that end, I have personally been collecting letters to Santa from the South Central US Post Office, written by children here in some of the more impoverished areas of Los Angeles and fulfilling their Christmas wishes.

As my Echelon Christmas project, I would like to ask you all if you can please adopt one or more letters to answer personally so that you can know the true joy of Christmas giving. I am not authorized to redistribute or publish any of the letters, however if you would like to meet and read the letters personally please feel free to contact me.  And if you feel that you are pressed for time during this busy season, any donation or toy purchase that you care to make on behalf of my endeavors will be greatly appreciated. 

100% of your donation will go toward the purchase of the gifts requested by the child in each letter.

As Santa’s helper, I will personally be buying and delivering these gifts to each home requested by the child in the community of South Central LA on Christmas Day.

The list of letters will be posted at: (under projects) and will be updated regularly as needs are fulfilled. Above the letter list, please be sure to fill out your information with the letter number you would like to adopt. For example: (John Smith, Letter #2, #47, #19). Your name may take a few minutes to appear. Please note: If you see the same letter # written more than 1 or 2 times, it signifies other brothers and sisters living in that household. Once you've adopted a letter, an email will be sent to you along with a drop off location in your area. We can also send a volunteer for pick up. Please do not wrap your gifts.

Thank you in advance for your caring, generosity and for all the smiles you will put on the faces of others less fortunate on Christmas day. I look forward to seeing you in 2009.
Many blessings and Happy Holidays to you all!
Kimberly Moore
President, Echelon Inc


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